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Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) GROUP (SHARING) TOURS

We offer SMALL GROUP TOURS (sharing) and the best HOLIDAY TOUR PACKAGES with fixed departure date to explore Myanmar, especially for culture, history and community.Typically you will be sharing your experiences with other travellers, and you'll have a tour guide with you during your tour in Myanmar. It's good value, and an excellent way to meet new people whether you are travelling alone or with friends. If you don’t have a month to spend exploring in Myanmar, MUL group tour let you cover more area in limited time. Your days are not wasted queuing for tickets or finding hotels so you can compress more into your holiday, and a fixed itinerary is designed to help you discover the best region of the country and its culture. This MUL group tour will appeal to travellers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as experiencing new cultures. Beside the Small Group Tours we, Myanmar Upper Land offer Long Package Tours, Short Package Tours and One Day Tours for our valuable clients in privately.

Why travel on an MUL group tour?

Since MUL based in Mandalay where the centre of Myanmar Culture, MUL groups tour allows you to explore where other larger tour groups can't. Our maximum group size of ONLY 12 travellers provides a perfect combination of attention to detail coupled with flexibility. As we are experienced cultural tour company in Myanmar, and we offer you to have the top quality service. And this activity based program designed to harmonise the fixed dates of the outstanding festive events in Myanmar to understand the authenticity of the local community and their socio economic background. You'll find your trip combines a good mix of included activities and free time. You can request to your tour guide to assist with advising anything you might wish to do in your free time, but how you spend it is up to you.

What if I arrive early or late for an MUL group tour?

If you arrive in Myanmar a few days earlier than our scheduled group package, we can book the extra night hotel accommodation and customise private activities for you before joining the group tour. In the same way, you can also continue your vacation to any of your interested destination after the end of whole conducted group package. We can take care of everything you need if you request in advance. Some people may worry about being late for the trip due to an international flight delay or changes. In such circumstances, please keep us informed of the updated flight schedule. We will make proper alternative arrangements. Rest assured that, whatever happens, our aim is to give visitors a trouble-free holiday experience.

Tour Code:         MUL-GT 201018
Duration:            12 Days
Tour Departure:  21 Sep, 20 Oct 2018, Mandalay
Tour End:            Yangon

Tour Code:           MUL-GT 050718
Duration:             14 Days
Tour Departure:    5 Nov 2018, Mandalay
Tour End:             18 Nov 2018, Mandalay

Tour Code:           MUL-GT 251218
Duration:             14 Days
Tour Departure:    25 Dec 2018, Mandalay
Tour End:             7 Jan 2019, Yangon