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In this section of Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) aimed to share the role of their professional experiences in the field of tangible and intangible culture and to facilitate the cultural MICE tourism in Myanmar. The program we propose here in attached is to form your idea, and we will customize together to explore also the backstage of their local professional life and more when you are in interested. 

As the key persons from MUL have been from the field of traditional theatrical performing arts who is working closely with old-timers and Newcomers artists in this area, we believe both need to change and improve ways of working together to fit into the developments of today and tomorrow.

By considering how communication should be defined in such a context and created to feel comfortable for both local old-timers and newcomers with the international scholars and other cultural professions of the world, we believe, MUL's culture related programs should be tools for bridging the gap between the local and the international.

On the other way, this culture related tourism should be promoted to shape the nature of our past traditional practices to guide a creative way of surviving in the present and future.

In this context, culture related tourism represents to us not only a platform to seek innovative solutions to today's local culture related educational challenges but also as a facilitator for further debate on what will be the future sharing and learning opportunities for traditional theatrical artists from a country like in Myanmar.

In all aspects, cultural MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition) tourism represents to MUL as a window to the world, as needed to survive in its tradition, trends and the future sustainability of Myanmar Traditional Culture at a time when ICTs and globalization are becoming increasingly influential.

Just e-mail us ( ) or pass  by at our office in Mandalay.

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