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In this section of Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) aimed to share the local experiences in the cultural metropolis, Mandalay, and Upper Myanmar. The program we propose here in attached is to form your idea, and we will customize together to explore also the backstage of their local life when you are in interested.

Mandalay where Myanmar Upper Land (MUL) base is considered by most Burmese to be their culture capital. But Mandalay's founding was recent. Burmese kings often chose to mark their reign by setting up a new capital. With this tradition, Mandalay founded by King Mindon in the mid-nineteenth century. 


Nowadays, Myanmar opens slowly to the world, but its millenary heritages are far from disappearing and are still deep rooted in people’s daily life.

Two kinds of the institutions are also to be found all over Mandalay: Buddhist monasteries and teashops. If monasteries allow people to live communally in the name of spiritual pursuits, teashops enable individuals to pass much time together in the name of the tea, snacks, and conversation. The number teashops have grown enormously in the past decades. Their growth is a different manifestation of both economic growth - more people have the capital to set such establishments up - and stasis - more men find themselves with little to do aside from sitting in the tea shop and talk.

With those generalizations above, here we mention hereunder are to prepare your intention to visit when you are in Mandalay and around.

Festive events of National Races around Myanmar.

  • KachinManaw Festival
  • Chin ceremony of KhaungCawi, honouring one’s beloved
  • Nar-Ga New Year
  • The Lisu and Rawang celebrate in full traditional costume at Christmas

For more detail to explore more the festival in Myanmar >>>

Studying about Traditional Arts & Crafts at Mandalay and around

  • Lacquerware
  • Gold & Silver Smith
  • Blacksmith
  • Ivory carving
  • Wood carving
  • Jade sculpture
  • Marble Stone carving
  • Precious stone sculpture
  • Gold Leaf making
  • Traditional Slipper making
  • Tapestry Workshop
  • Silk Weaving & cotton weaving
  • Bronze casting
  • Painting
  • Pottery

Sensing the prominent festivals around Mandalay

MahamuniPagoda Festival – mostly in February, pilgrimage thousands of people from nearby districts)

Kyauk Taw Gyi Pagoda Festival – a ritual of offering a filled alms bowl to a thousand and more monks and novices, with many shop stalls and ZatPowers at the foot of Mandalay Hill.

Food offering to the monks with ZatPwe at mostly every quarter during the winter.

For more detail to explore more the festival in Myanmar >>>

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“Myanmar, especially Mandalay has the potential to be the world well known cultural tourist destination.”

We offer culture as well as nature package tours in and around Mandalay. Experience the harmony and the lifestyle of the local people.

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