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Tour Code:  MUL- OD 06
Duration:    4 hours
Tour Start:  Hotel in Mandalay
Tour End:   Hotel in Mandalay

This morning tour is to explore the fantastic view of face watching ceremony of the Mahamuni Buddha image and the ways of life of the monk. Mahamuni Pagoda which is highly venerated in Myanmar and central to many people's lives, as it is seen as an expression of representing the Buddha's life in Mandalay is a must see for tourists who come to Mandalay. In fact in this particular ritual/ceremony, as we all know that the statue doesn’t open his mouth, so just imagine that the head monk just washes the Buddha’s lips, the Holy face and the Buddha’s teeth are washed over and over again with a cloth. Of course, the locals who treat this Buddha with the utmost reverence, believe he is alive. The repeated rhythm of the classic music by the traditional lives instruments ease the visitor's and participants’ mind in a relaxing way at the beginning of the ceremony.

It's the only one place in the world and Myanmar to see a fantastic view of face washing service early morning. It happens on a daily basis.  

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